Markusweb Software Engineering

Hi, my name is Andriy Borodiychuk

I am software engineer living in Bratislava, Slovakia. I write in Ruby, and setup cloud infrastructure at AWS. Use PostgreSQL, MySQL and Elasticsearch. Occasionally develop frontend with Angular. Intensively learn Elixir and use it for hobby projects as well as Neo4j.


For small companies and startups I deliver web solutions like:

  • Platform to run trade fair events
  • System to track production, print labels and logistic papers for factory
  • Online configurator for sun screen production company
  • Utility for public city transport company that generates nice PDF schedules per each stop
  • Service for booking golf tee times that allows courses to manage and sell free game slots
  • Order collection and processing service for city taxi company
  • And many more…

Speaking and Training

Occasionally I speak on different topics, and get booked for trainings to teach people. Everything is performed in English language



Company information

Markusweb s.r.o.

Sládkovičova 858/7
811 06 Bratislava
Slovenská republika / Slovak Republic

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